The best ceramics
yield the best results.


We are the innovation leader in the ceramic package business. Co-fired ceramic technology was invented in our Chattanooga facility over 45+ years ago, and today we continue to lead the industry in innovative uses and designs.

injection molding

With a proven alumina material system, co-fire metallization, and complex shape capability without additional machining. Material options include High Purity Alumina, Zirconia Toughened Alumina, and Zirconia.

Tape Casting

Precise amounts of raw materials are milled into a slurry of ceramic powders of controlled particle sizes, with fluxes and small amounts of organic binders and solvents. This slurry is then cast into a ceramic filled “tape” which is handled in rolls or sheets, for unfired processing.

Green Machining

Except for very large or complex products, individual products are arranged in arrays for multiple processing. Via holes, edge castellations, and cavities are punched in the tape, using special tooling. Green processing of ceramic is very sensitive to particulates and is done in a Class 10,000 Clean Room. Interconnects between the layers, conductive circuit patterns, and more are achieved before the layers are stacked and laminated, prior to sintering.

Firing & Sintering

The ceramic-refractory metal composite structure is sintered, or co-fired, at temperatures as high as 1,600ºC, in a carefully controlled atmosphere.

Hot Pressing

Hot pressed Aluminum Nitride is physically constrained in the X and Y dimensions, so all shrinkage occurs in the Z dimension.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond sawing, grinding, and ultrasonic machining are available to achieve special features or tighter tolerances.


Co-fire metallization is largely dictated by the ceramic base material. Alumina and Aluminum Nitride require refractory metals such as Tungsten(W) and Molybdenum (Mo) for high temperature sintering in protective atmospheres.

Chemical Milling

Services available (step lids, leads, seal rings) available in Kovar, Alloy 42, Spring Steel, and Stainless Steel.


Ceramic packages are typically supplied with plating on metallized areas, and can have metal components attached by soldering.