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AdTech Ceramics Introduces Copper Thick Film Metallization

Jul 20, 2017

AdTech Ceramics Introduces Copper Thick Film Metallization

AdTech Ceramics, a leading manufacturer of high temperature co-fire ceramic (HTCC) electronic packages, announces the addition of a copper thick film (CuTF) product line to complement its established multilayer product offerings. Possessing a uniquely impressive combination of high thermal conductivity and high electrical conductivity, copper films fired onto multilayer ceramic substrates open up the possibilities for designers who are challenged with heat removal, miniaturization of devices and cost. AdTech's standard ceramic offerings include aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and aluminum nitride (AlN). When high heat transfer is desired, aluminum nitride is preferred with thermal conductivity approximately 8 times that of alumina. Another benefit of CuTF is the precision of metal features. Since the copper is screened onto the ceramic surface, width and spacing of patterns can be significantly smaller when compared to the direct bond copper (DBC) process. AdTech also offers numerous plating options including; electroless and electrolytic Ni and Au and ENEPIG plating.

The picture shows copper thick film screened onto an aluminum nitride substrate. With a thermal conductivity of 160 W/mK, AlN is one of the best ceramics for heat transfer. AdTech's multilayer co-fire process coupled with copper thick film metallization opens new design possibilities for the ever challenging application environments of today's evolving technologies in the electronics, LED, automotive, aerospace and defense industries. AdTech offers both aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride multilayer ceramic substrates.

AS9100C/ISO9001:2008 certified.